Ayurvedic Spa Ritual

Ayurvedic Spa Ritual – Kansa Wand

90 Minutes – $175

Think of it as a Micro Retreat!

This one of a kind Ayurvedic Spa Ritual featuring Kansa Wands is tailored made for active, busy women like you that need a quiet place to reconnect and recharge. Your journey begins with a warm sage foot bath and deep relaxation as you are guided through a meditative journey.  This is followed by a gentle and stress relieving foot massage using the ancient Ayurvedic healing massage tool known as the Kansa Wand.  Custom aromatherapy infused compresses introduce you to a holistic facial that includes two mask treatments to nourish, nurture and renew.  Kansa Wands are used to revitalize your skin and harmonize your mind and spirit with a balancing facial and neck massage. The result is a radiant complexion and a remarkable feeling of lightness and inner balance. This beautiful treatment also includes an arm and hand massage.

This treatment is perfect for all who want to escape the chaos of the world and reconnect to your inner self to achieve balance, peace and harmony. It’s an ideal treatment if you are seeking true relaxation and visible transformation.

The Kansa wand is a beautiful massage tool from the Ayurvedic healing tradition.  The domed massage surface is made of Kansa, a very pure form of bronze known throughout India as the “healing metal.” It’s been used for centuries to enhance health and strength, increase energy, support general well-being and relieve stress.  The high electrical conductivity of this sacred metal blend allows it to work harmonizing the energies in our meridians and chakras.  Think of it as tuning up your face – reawakening the beauty in your skin and your inner most being.

The Kansa face and body wands are carefully designed to help:

  • Revitalize the face and complexion
  • Evoke a greater sense of ease all over the face and body
  • Bring revitalizing life energy and relaxation to the face and body
  • Rebalance the three doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha, the three subtle energies of the body recognized in Ayurveda
  • Harmonize body, mind and spirit

What is a Kansa Wand?