Add-On Services

Try one of our add-on services to enhance the effects of your skin care treatment

Illuminating Décolleté Spa Treatment

Price: $35

Exclusive ingredient technology from the Mediterranean, this décolleté (upper chest area) treatment stimulates and exfoliates skin with marine botanicals.  Citric and malic acids brighten and tighten with elite Mastiha resin.  This plush treatment shows instant results for brighter, healthier skin. Perfect for skin with sun damage and pigmentation.

The Kansa wand is a beautiful massage tool from the Ayurvedic healing tradition. The doomed massage surface is made of Kansa, a very pure form of bronze known throughout India as the “healing metal.” It’s been used for centuries to enhance health and strength, increase energy, support general wellbeing and relieve stress. The high electrical conductivity of this sacred metal blend allows it to work harmonizing the energies in our meridians and chakras. Think of it as tuning up your face – reawakening the beauty in your skin and your inner most being.

Kansa Wand Foot and Face Massage

Price: $35

Luxury Hydrating Hand Treatment

Price: $20

Refresh and renew hands through silky tropical butters and restoring papyrus plant stem cells.  Smooth rough hands and hydrate environmentally stressed skin through the elite combination of coconut sugar, husk and hemp oil.  Warm mitts help products to absorb for super soft and hydrated skin.  Followed by a soothing hand massage.

Looking for extra hydration for that social occasion?  Our Intensive Results Masque is suited to instantly improve all signs of aging and leaving your skin super hydrated and renewed!

Specialty Mask

Price: $15

Guided Visualization

Price: Free

Guided visualization helps you crystallize what you’d like to manifest in your life – better relationships, abundance, connection to your intuition or next steps in your career.  You will leave feeling relaxed and energized to move forward with purpose.  Must let technician know at beginning of facial.